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Hajara impregnated by her step brother and sent out after 2days giving birth

Hajara Abdullahi, 16 years old rejected by her parents after giving birth to the child she was impregnated of by her step brother

The 3 days old baby of Hajara covered with just wrapper

Hajara Abdullahi, a 16 year old girl was impregnated by her step brother but instead of the perpetrator to be punished, the girl was rather rebuked, this made her ran to Prison Inmate Development Initiative to help her beg her parent. We monitored the case but the boy in question was nowhere to be found. This made us solicit for assistance and support from her parent so that they can take up her responsibilities before and after birth. It was a great surprise knowing that Hajara Abdullahi was sent out the second day after giving birth to her daughter on Saturday. Presently, Hajara is habitating with a woman in her street. Even till this present moment, the boy responsible for the pregnancy is yet to show up. Also, the parents of the boy didn’t show any responsibility.

Pidi_nigeria, as part of her way of getting things done went to Ministry of Women Affairs, Bauchi State and they said no funds for now but 2 mothers with the fear God and humanity traits raised 5000 naira for her and her little baby. PIDI_NIGERIA is begging people to be of help to her. You can reach Pidi_nigeria on 08067747839 for any assistance.

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  1. Patrick Yakubu 10 months ago August 25, 2020

    This is too bad for parents to dumped there own daughter this way. I think they should be punish for such act.


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